Great class today. Efficient and informative. Small group setting with personalized, hands on training.
Very helpful, honest & honorable
Exceptional CCW class. Went over the basics but also made sure that all questions and concerns were answered and that everyone understood the responsibility involved and felt comfortable. Well worth the price!
Great Course ! Well organized, performance based handling i.e. loading, unloading, firing, all aspects of safety, the operating mechanisms with advantages/disadvantages, personal responsibility, attitudes, overview of legal aspects, insurance to name only a select few. Tom Reyes is an excellent instructor possessing In-Depth knowledge of the subject of Weapons and their special considerations required to secure the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW). I highly recommend this course to ALL those seeking sufficient knowledge in weapons safety and handling. Capt. Paul
Honest, trustworthy and friendly people to do business with! Excellent knowledge and training of firearm handling and safety.
The instructor is great very knowledgeable. Good job all around.
My husband and I decided to get our carry permits. Being unfamiliar with the different types of guns it was confusing to say the least. Tom spent time explaining & asking questions to help us decide what we needed. He not only helped in finding what was comfortable to handle in the store but took us to the driving range to fire the various type we zeroed in on. He spent a lot of time to insure we would be happy with our purchase. We are glad we found Tom. If you want someone who is knowledgeable and has your best interest see Tom to buy from.
Looking for something particular or just brousing the shop, can't find better people to do buisness with.
they are so awesome here! Thomas is very knowledgable and definitely a very patient man helping me figure it out how to get everything situated for my first firearm so thanks a million for everything!!!
Tom was great in helping me pick my first handgun. Very knowledgeable and helpful, and it feels like I’m just talking to a friend. Great store!